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Author Notes

To AP, whose crazy idea this was to begin with: Thank you for cheering me on as much as you did, the all-nighters you pulled with me, and for being such an amazing beta.

To KP, the song of my heart and the stars in my soul: Thank you for making me want to use words again, and encouraging me to use better ones. We've been through so many fandoms together over the years, and I'm so very glad we're friends. DAE forever!

To dollarformyname, who did such an awesome, amazing job with what I gave her, and took a chance on me even though my first summary was absolute trash. I'm so glad I got to have you as an artist for my very first Big Bang, and I hope we get to work together again someday!

To everyone on Tumblr who encouraged me and helped at weird hours of the day when I was freaking out over minor stuff- I appreciate it more than I have words to express.

Please take a moment to comment and let me know what you think? Concrit and suggestions always welcome.

You can always find me at thep0rnfairy, for I am a useless potato with too much time on her hands. Please come say hi- I promise I don't bite unless asked.

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